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Success isn’t about luck.

Companies that successfully foster a culture of trust outperform the S&P 500 and are more than 2 ½ more likely to be high performing revenue organizations than low-trust companies. Trust is the key to connection - connection to the people around us, to each situation and environment, to oneself - and connection is the heart of success. Recognizing and expanding our ability to connect empowers us to create space to reflect, focus in and choose how to engage. Connection creates a culture that successfully attracts, retains and inspires team members to use their discretionary effort to innovate, to be more productive, leading to greater profitability and enhanced market perception.

Whether one-on-one or in a team environment, Connected Advantage serves to bring out the intelligence that already lives in the individual and relationship system in order to create clarity, ownership and authentic, sustainable leadership. Make connection your competitive advantage.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

why: To support leaders, executives, and managers to thrive in their roles as they seek to enhance team performance, achieve organizational goals, create or shift the organizational culture, adapt to a new role, evolve with industry change, manage an organizational crisis, or pursue work/life balance.

what: One-on-one coaching to provide executives and high potentials with space for honest and courageous dialog, clarity on their habits, strengths and a vision for growth, increased capacity for managing complexity, greater personal and organizational resilience as well as work/life balance.

Connected Teams Coaching

why: To strengthen relationships, co-create an environment of trust and connection, evolve processes and overall team performance, integrate learning from workshops, and inspire team members to use their discretionary effort.

what: A discovery process to identify the strengths and weaknesses (areas for improvement) of the team. Custom ½ to 2 day offsites followed by regular coaching sessions to chart progress and support the team in its next steps. Optional retreat at the tail end of the engagement. The power of this coaching is in revealing the team to itself—the team's awareness of its own culture, habits, strengths, and shortcomings will help correct and self-organize in order to accomplish the objectives at hand.


Connected Leaders: Leadership Training

why: Leaders most often find themselves in leadership positions because of their domain expertise and/or technical skills. Leading is different from management. It is about people skills, being aware of emotions and effectively managing relationships and team engagement.

what: Co-design and co-delivery of leadership programs focusing on soft skills. Provide new leaders with the tools they need to effectively engage and grow people.

Connected Teams Workshops

why: To strengthen team relationships, develop skills and mindsets and provide tools that will continue to increase trust, communication and, as a result, engagement and productivity.

what: Custom ½ to 3 day offsites that combine training with working sessions designed around your specific organizational or team challenges and goals. Training modules include topics like leadership, effective communication, trust building, constructive conflict, accountability and change management.

Connected Culture: Setting the Foundation for your Team

why: To help leaders of new teams and start-up founders create the culture that will help their team succeed in executing their strategy.

what: May include one-on-one coaching with key people as well as team offsite design and facilitation. Provide tools to create a culture that is aligned with strategy and will grow with the team.

Connected Stakeholders: Multi-Stakeholder Engagements

why: The organizations that will be relevant over the next 20 years are those tackling the complexities of the sustainability challenge today. Whether innovating new products, services, business models or processes, driving internal sustainability or diversity initiatives, engaging external stakeholders, or building an industry-wide platform for change, becoming a sustainably managed organization requires distinct leadership competencies, system thinking and the ability to create from complexity.

what: Design and/or facilitation of an internal or external multi-stakeholder engagement or event. Services include advanced research, communication and marketing, experience design, timeline creation and professional facilitation.


connect advantage

Coaching is not an end in itself.

In fact, we like to think of it as a beginning: a way to build skills that individuals and organizations can perpetuate and benefit from for the long term.

At its best, coaching is a kind of mind partnership, revealing the strengths, capacities and abilities that already exist in each individual and team. Our job is to bring out the intelligence that’s already there in order to develop authentic leadership that lives beyond our engagement.

Ultimately, it’s all about results. And underneath the results are behaviors, how individuals and teams show up to create the results. For individuals, coaching helps in identifying and developing one’s leadership style, creating positive, functional relationships, deepening one’s resilience and increasing productivity and success. And for organizations, coaching is consistently shown to increase employee engagement, reduce expensive turnover, improve groups’ abilities to handle complex challenges, and grow trust and accountability across the board.

The biggest win? When organizations internalize our tools, creating a virtuous cycle that evokes the very best from teams again and again.

At eBay, participants in workshops led by David describe him as a great coach and love his leadership style, which creates an environment that allows everyone to open up and be vulnerable.

David's understanding of program design and playful facilitation made what could have been a daunting task fun and inspiring.

David's impact on our program cohorts has been transformative, creating leaders who are connected to themselves, each other and the organization.
Zeenath Khan Head of Finance Leadership Development Programs at eBay
When it comes to facilitation Melanie is one of the best in the field.

She is very organized, clear and concise, but most of all a sharp mind, always with the eyes on the ball. Her charismatic personality makes it easy to interact with her.

Among other methods in her toolbox, Melanie is especially experienced with the Systemic Inventive Thinking method used as one of the best practical approaches to creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.
Juan Tejeda Managing Director at Brains & Hearts


Connected Advantage offers a full suite of group training as well as one-on-one and team coaching services. We design and facilitate experiential trainings ranging from 2 hour virtual workshops to multi-year programs that include in-person retreats, providing follow up coaching to maximize the effectiveness of all trainings. We are a team of experienced coaches and trainers who believe that relatedness, or human connection, is the biggest motivating factor in any human endeavor. Our passion is helping you create high performing connected leaders and teams!

A high performing team is greater than the sum of its parts. It doesn’t matter the type of team, the goal and ultimate benefit of teamwork comes through maximization of cooperation. And the level of cooperation in a team has a direct relationship to the level of trust. What differentiates high performing teams from the rest of the field is that their members, “are also deeply committed to one another’s personal growth and success,” (Katzenbach and Smith, 1993).



David specializes in working with leaders and teams in the tech space. He has co-designed and co-delivered successful leadership and team development programs in Fortune top 25 technology companies, coached mid-level managers promoted to executive positions as well as CEOs and teams through successful acquisitions.

David's background is in tech startups, founding and participating at the C-level in multiple companies, bootstrapping and raising millions in capital, building profitable enterprises, one that was successfully acquired as well as learning the hard way, growing through deals that went south.

When not coaching, David's usually at home playing with his two young sons and, when they're asleep, he makes space for his 22 year strong mindfulness practices. Oh and the occasional beer. He is Australian after all.


Ken Farber

Ken brings the experience of 30 years of focus on Leadership, Training and Development, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting. Serving as a C-level HR Exec and having crafted and delivered coaching, consulting and employee development programs for clients ranging from pre-IPO startups to well established public corporations, his greatest reward is in working with teams to grow and deepen the gift of authentic communications across all levels of client organizations.

A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Social Emotional Intelligence trainer, and long standing (or sitting I should say!) mindfulness and Iyengar Yoga practitioner, Ken is a firm believer that affective communications is the most effective path to individual satisfaction, synergy, productivity, and the achievement of both corporate and personal goals. Results born of intention rule the day!

Melanie von Wangenheim


Melanie empowers her clients to focus on their strengths, embrace challenges and generate innovative solutions, which translates into venturing into unknown frontiers, overcoming obstacles while keeping the focus on thriving.

Melanie has over 15 years of experience in facilitation of innovation projects/processes to solution-focused team coaching as well as employee engagement programs. She use a selection of proven techniques - tailored to the clients need in order to reach significant and sustained performance and results. Melanie's signature style is to add clarity and creativity to the challenges at hand.

From huge multinationals to start-ups, Melanie has led as well as initiated projects with a focus on innovative products/services, digital expertise and producing excellent results by leading and facilitating heterogeneous groups.



Farhana Huq is an Executive Coach, trusted thought partner, Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Brown Girl Surf. She specializes in coaching game changing leaders and their teams towards a business and life they love.

Farhana is most passionate about helping people take their leaps and surf their waves in leadership and life. She has taken many leaps in her own life from being a member of the U.S. National Karate team in her youth, to founding 2 non-profits, one dedicated to helping immigrant women start their own businesses in America, and another dedicated to building a diverse, environmentally reverent women’s surf culture in California and around the world.

Farhana loves to dance, and is trained in the North Indian classical and Tahitian traditions. She resides in Oakland, CA and enjoys surfing all types of waves on California’s Northern coast.

A few examples of engagements designed to put these beliefs into action

  • Designed and facilitated leadership training for eBay high potentials.
  • Designed and delivered team social awareness and relationship management training and coaching at Cisco Meraki.
  • Trained engagement champions at Discovery Channel.
  • Supported the newly reconstituted team to define a winning culture at
  • Coached leaders and cross-functional team, building new levels of trust and understand at


Helpful information and resources related to leadership, coaching and the challenges facing today's executives.

Reason # 3
“These budget targets
are clearly insane.”

Do I need an executive coach?

9 signs that the answer is YES

1. I already have 2.5 jobs and now they've given me another one!
extreme time management, delegation, pacing
2. I need outcomes that are desireable AND achievable.
setting stretch goals that aren’t time bombs
3. These budget targets are clearly insane.
value creation and high pay for performance
4. I just don’t get why I have to learn how all the tech gadgets work.
relentless change and generational confusion
5. What happens to me if my boss leaves the organization?
alliances and allegiances
6. My company just made a huge mistake that didn’t involve me, but now I own it.
crisis management
7. A competitor just leapfrogged us, and I need an immediate response plan.
managing & responding to market forces
8. My boss or my spouse & family—who really comes first?
knowing the right thing vs doing the right thing
9. I just got promoted, and I don’t understand the mechanics of all my new reports.
Technical Knowlege Overload & Fear of Ignorance

The Effectiveness of Coaching:

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Bringing Science to the Art of Coaching by Zengler and Folkman
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Co-Active Coaching and the Brain

What is Co-Active Coaching?

A co-active coaching relationship is one in which the coach and client are active collaborators: an alliance between two equals for the purpose of meeting the client’s needs. The coach does not have the answers. You do.

The role of the coach is to help you discover them.

You will be responsible for taking action and making decisions and for the outcomes of those actions and decisions. The coach will hold you accountable to learning from the doing or the not doing, the successes and the failures. By working together in this way, coach and client will open the door for you to learn more about who you are and what you're capable of as a leader and in your life.

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